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Goodwin Law Partners is an Articulate, Focused, Professional, and Value-driven Law Firm

Goodwin Law Partners has a team of skilled and seasoned Corporate, Commercial, Civil, Criminal, IP & Matrimonial Lawyers with broad experience in advising clients from business start-ups to entrepreneurs, enterprises and multi-national companies.

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We have a vision for providing an exceptional legal service. We are committed to excellence and find innovative solutions to the most complex of legal problems. Our clients recognize and value this. Our leading clients are established organizations and new age startups across the financial services, energy, insurance, telecommunications, hospitality and leisure, real estate and construction, private equity, agribusiness, healthcare, information technology and manufacturing and industrial sectors..

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Goodwin Law Partners recognise the value of efficient, effective and quality services to our clients. In seeking to provide these services, we are guided by our core values of integrity, teamwork, quality/diligence and commitment. These core values underpin our service delivery standards set out below

Our Practice Areas

We are a full-service law practice with market-leading expertise in banking and finance, capital markets, projects and infrastructure, power (energy, oil & gas and mining), corporate and commercial law, mergers, acquisitions and private equity, employment and employee benefits, tax, real estate and conveyance, non-profit organisations and commercial and civil dispute resolution..

- At Goodwin Law Partners, we work closely with our clients to develop business strategies and successfully consummate transactions that are fundamental to their core business. We provide a full range of transactional services, including contract negotiation and drafting, counterparty and transactional due diligence, advisory opinions, and counsel on all aspects of the deal-making process. Our firm is industry agnostic, representing individuals and businesses representing public and private companies in a diversity of industries on domestic and cross-border transactions. - We negotiate and draft all kinds of domestic and international commercial agreements covering the different trading activities of a business, which are tailored to safeguard your interest by providing for present and future contingencies.
- We provide comprehensive advice on corporate law matters to listed and unlisted companies from the very outset, on their incorporation and up to the extinguishment of their legal personality, providing recurring advice and assistance and seeking solutions to any legal needs that may arise in their day-to-day operations. - Our expertise also extends to negotiating shareholder agreements; legal or contractual issues relating to the composition and appointment of the managing bodies; dividend policies; remuneration systems for directors and senior managers; transfer abroad of the registered office; changes in corporate form; participation in national and international business restructuring processes (mergers, spin-offs, global transfers of assets and liabilities); the issue of bonds and debentures; and the negotiation of deadlock resolution clauses and clauses defending the interests of the company, its shareholders or directors in situations of potential corporate conflict.
We provide following services in trademark search, registration, infringement & litigation: - Filing and prosecuting Trade Mark and Service Mark applications at the Indian Trademarks Registry - Filing and prosecuting Trade Mark and Service Mark applications internationally with the cooperation of our foreign associates or under the Madrid Protocol - Infringement and validity opinion - Litigation: opposition, revocation, rectification, appeals, criminal and civil suits for infringement and passing off, anti-counterfeit action - Appellate Board proceedings - Trademark searches locally and internationally - Clearance of title - Domain Name Search - Brand selection advice - Journal watch services - Post-registration services - Renewals - Portfolio Management - Assignment, Licensing and Franchising
We provide following services in copyright registration, infringement and litigation - Filing and prosecuting applications for registration of Copyright in India and internationally - Infringement and validity advice - Litigation: Cancellation proceedings, appeals, civil suits and criminal actions for infringement - Anti-piracy measures - Post Registration Services - Assignment, licensing and transfer - Specific agreements The team advices on whole range of legal and regulatory issues including: ✔ Advertising, Media & Broadcasting laws, guidelines, rules and regulations Registrations, licenses and compliances under the relevant regulations Public policy issues and initiatives ✔ Distribution, broadcast, syndication rights and deals ✔ Television format rights and script options and purchases ✔ Talent, performers and key-creatives’ rights, agreements and releases Multi-media, digital and new technology services ✔ User generated content and Website and service terms and conditions ✔ Agreements including Distribution & Licensing, Master Services, Commissioning, Merchandising and Sponsorship, Music Composer etc. ✔ Intellectual Property issues including acquisition and management, digital rights management, copyright and designs law, moral rights, passing off. ✔ Defamation pre-publication and post-publication ✔ Advisory and assistance in corporate commercial issues including company incorporation etc. ✔ Strategic alliances and partnerships, acquisitions and related agreements ✔ Obscenity, sedition, censorship and content regulation ✔ Anti-trust and competition law related issues Legal audit ✔ Advisory and assistance on tax related issues ✔ Dispute resolution, Arbitration and Litigation
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